The mention of asbestos exposure sends people into a frenzy. People are scared, and they have every right to be. Asbestos exposure is a severe problem in the United States. So much so that we are seeing commercials and billboards about asbestos exposure. People become even more confused as they try to understand asbestos and asbestos exposure better. Luckily, Ogden Asbestos Abatement is here to help you better understand the terms that come with asbestos. Today, we will discuss friable and non-friable asbestos.

What Are the Main Differences Between Friable and Non-Friable Asbestos?

Friable asbestos is the most dangerous of all asbestos. Friable asbestos means that the asbestos-containing material has started to wear down. It is breaking apart, which causes dust to form. This dust contains asbestos fibers which can easily expose you and your family. Friable asbestos should be removed from your property as soon as possible, as it is of immediate danger.
Non-Friable asbestos is the opposite. While it is still highly dangerous and is at risk of becoming friable at any moment, it is not of immediate danger. Non-friable asbestos is asbestos-containing materials that are still in decent shape. Non-friable asbestos should still be removed as soon as possible. Non-friable asbestos can become friable through damages or remodels.

All asbestos should be removed from your property, whether it be friable or non-friable. It all poses the same risk of asbestos exposure and the dangerous illnesses that come with exposure. If your home has asbestos, have it removed by a professional as soon as possible. This will ensure you and your family are safe from accidental exposure in the future. If your property has never had an asbestos inspection, contact us today. We will gladly help you with all your asbestos removal and testing needs!