Asbestos has been around for centuries, as it is naturally occurring. However, it has also been used for centuries to make textiles, construction materials, pottery, and many other types of products. Many products have contained asbestos, and no one realized it. Below, we will discuss a few items that you may need to dispose of.

Electric Blankets

Older electric blankets are known to contain asbestos fibers. Asbestos was used as an insulator because of its resistance to heat. Asbestos was also cheap and very durable, making it a perfect addition to electric blankets. If you own an older electric blanket, it may be time to throw it out and purchase a newer one.


If you hang decorations and use certain kinds of adhesives, you may need to do something different. Asbestos has been used in tape and has been found in tape in the 2000s. Be careful of what kinds of adhesives you use to hang your decorations.


Building a fire in your fireplace is common, and it is even more common to use gloves. Gloves that are fireproof may contain asbestos, especially if they are older. Asbestos was the perfect material, as it was resistant to heat.

Holiday Decorations

Older holiday decorations would contain asbestos, mainly if the decorations included lights. Asbestos was durable so that the decorations would last. It was also heat resistant, making it great for use with holiday lighting.

As you can see, asbestos fibers were used in many products other than construction materials. If you do own any of the above products and they are older, we suggest throwing them away and purchasing newer items. It is vital to stay aware of the news and about products that may contain asbestos. Some items have been found to contain asbestos fibers still, even though there are laws and regulations to keep consumers safe. Research items before you purchase them to ensure your safety!