Asbestos is on everyone’s mind lately. With commercial and new regulations being passed, it is no surprise that people are becoming more concerned about asbestos. We receive a lot of calls from clients wanting to know if they could have asbestos in their homes. Usually, the answer is yes. It is scary to hear that you may have a fiber that has been proven to cause mesothelioma and other severe illnesses inside your home. Below, Asbestos Abatement Services will help you understand asbestos and if it could be inside your property.

Do You Own an Older Home?

While some newer homes have tested positive for asbestos, it is usually older homes that contain asbestos. Asbestos was used in construction and building materials into the late 80s. If your home was built around this time, you should have it tested for asbestos-containing materials. Asbestos cannot be seen and can only be found through testing in a lab.
Do You Have Textured Ceilings?

Textured paint and popcorn ceilings are commonplace for asbestos fibers. If you have textured ceilings or walls, you should your property tested for asbestos. The textured look was created using asbestos fibers.

Should I Have my Home Tested?

In the opinion of professionals, all homes should be tested for asbestos-containing materials. Even though laws and regulations have been passed, it doesn’t mean they were appropriately followed. For your peace of mind and the protection of you and your family, you should have an asbestos test. The test is comprehensive and will cover your entire home. If you have asbestos, you will be able to have it safely removed by professionals.

It is crucial to have your home tested before you complete any remodeling or demolition on the property. Asbestos fibers can easily escape into the air and expose others to the area.