Asbestos testing and inspections are the only two ways to determine if asbestos-containing materials are present in your home. Certified and licensed asbestos abatement professionals to complete these tests and assessments. If your home or business has never had an asbestos inspection or tests, it would be a smart choice to have one administered. Below, we will discuss five things you need to know about asbestos testing and inspections so that you can better your understanding of the process.

Asbestos Testing Is The Only Way To Fully Know If You Have Asbestos

Asbestos fibers are very minuscule and cannot be seen, especially as it is mixed with other materials. The only way to gather accurate information is through an asbestos test. This test is very thorough and will take samples from all areas of the property to be sent to a lab for testing.

Asbestos Inspections Are Important

Asbestos inspections are generally completed when one is buying or selling a home or business. These inspections are conducted by checking all areas of your property to ensure it does not contain asbestos. This type of inspection can literally be a lifesaver.

Asbestos Inspections and Test Are Only Completed By Certified Professionals

Asbestos inspections and tests can legally only be administered by certified and licensed asbestos abatement professionals. This is to ensure the integrity of the tests and inspections. Always confirm the company you hire is licensed and certified.

You Can Have Asbestos Testing and Inspections Completed At Any time

You do not need to be buying or selling a property to have an asbestos test or inspection completed. These tests can be administered at any time. If your property has never had an asbestos test or inspection, it is vital that you have one completed. It could save you from asbestos exposure in the future.

Even Newer Homes and Business Should Have an Asbestos Test and Inspection

We surprisingly see an influx in asbestos inside newly constructed properties. While this should not be the case since asbestos is not legally allowed to be in construction materials, it is still occurring. If your home or business is newly built and has not been tested, play it smart, and have an asbestos test and inspection completed. It can give you peace of mind your family is protected.