Your home is supposed to be a safe haven for you and your family. Nothing wrong should happen in your home. Unfortunately, asbestos could be on your property and could expose your family. Asbestos exposure is highly dangerous as it causes severe respiratory problems, including cancer. Asbestos fibers are mixed in with other materials, making it impossible to see asbestos. This makes it difficult to know f your home has asbestos-containing materials. Below, we will discuss four common places asbestos could be hiding in your home.


Most insulation that was installed in homes throughout the 80s contained asbestos. If your home has never had a remodel that included new insulation, asbestos is likely hiding on your property. It is best to have the property inspected for asbestos so that you do not risk exposure.

Textured Walls Or Ceilings

Textured walls and ceilings were commonly used in homes throughout the 80s. People loved the look and asked for it. Little did they know that most textured paint included asbestos. If you have textured ceilings or walls, it is very possible you have asbestos.


While roofing is not as big of a concern as asbestos inside the home, it is still hazardous. Asbestos was perfect for roofing materials because of its durability and resistance to heat. Older roofing usually has asbestos fibers.


Adhesives that were used for wallpaper commonly contained asbestos. If your home has older wallpaper, it is possible that there is asbestos lurking behind it.

If your property has any of the above, it is best to have the property tested for asbestos. An asbestos inspection can easily tell if you have asbestos. If you do, an asbestos abatement company will help you devise a plan for safe removal.