Many commercial properties throughout the United States still contain asbestos. Many older commercial properties have had remodels over the years to keep them updated, but asbestos-containing materials remained. Commercial asbestos removal is different from residential, as it is usually on a larger scale, and most businesses stay open during asbestos removal. Areas are secured, and asbestos is safely removed. If there is an option for businesses to close, it makes the process go faster. If the commercial property is being demolished to build something new, rules are in place for asbestos removal.

Commercial Properties and Demolition

Special regulations and laws have been enacted to ensure the safe removal of asbestos from commercial properties during demolition. Asbestos removal contractors must be present to secure the areas for asbestos removal. If the areas are not appropriately secured, asbestos fibers can float in the air for miles, affecting people in the general vicinity. It is crucial that businesses have their buildings tested for asbestos before any demolition or remodeling services are completed.

With the laws and regulations in place to protect everyone, it is crucial to have your business tested for asbestos, even if you think it is newly built. Asbestos is still being found in some construction materials and newly constructed businesses and homes. Before you commit to any remodels or demolitions, hire a professional asbestos abatement company to administer an asbestos test and inspection. These simple steps will ensure your building is safe and that you will not break any regulations or laws in the event you do remodels or demolition on your property! Asbestos Abatement Services is a certified and licensed asbestos removal contractor who specializes in asbestos removal. If you are looking for a competent team to test or remove asbestos from your property, give us a call!